Choosing a Luxury Motorhome

Luxury motorhomes are more than just a mobile getaway, they’re a private paradise on wheels. Boasting captain's chairs in the cockpit, full-size living room and furniture, a world-class kitchen, master suite with queen sized mattress, it’s a five-star luxury experience you can bring with you wherever the road takes you. The Motorcoach Store, in Bradenton, Florida, understands there are almost too many considerations to list here when choosing a luxury motorhome. So we’ve prepared a basic list of some of the top luxury motorhome manufacturers in the industry, read through the information below and let us help you make one of the best decisions of your life.

Newmar Luxury Motorhomes

Newmar luxury motorhomes set themselves apart from the competition not by doing a job well, but by doing it better. They’re poured their higher standards for excellence, innovation, and craftsmanship into each luxury motor coach they build. This lets them deliver world-class luxury for those who love the RV lifestyle.

Newmar uses high-quality Amish craftsmanship as part of their construction process and each motor coach is inspected by their dealer-quality inspection team. All of this to ensure every possible detail is in place and perfect before anyone sets foot inside.

All Newmar motorhomes begin with an innovative chassis weld process, delivering less noise, a smoother ride, and longer service life. Meaning your next travelling vacation is quieter, more comfortable, and brings total peace of mind. Once the chassis has been leveled and squared it’s integrated into the rest of the structure, welding the sub floor structures directly to the chassis rail, providing better insulation, climate control, and overall strength and integrity.

The flooring in every Newmar RV is from durable, high-quality tile to plush and comfortable carpeting. All cabinetry is custom built and hand-crafted, to provide an extra level of finish. The sidewalls are designed to function like residential homes, making them more rigid and even more dependable. These are mounted to the aluminum frame providing a strong but lightweight interior structure providing superior insulation.

But Newmar doesn’t just settle for excellence, they continue to innovative, by introducing things like the industry first flat-floor slideout. These patented flat-floor slideouts include bulb seals, blocking out moisture, and most feature power lock arms to create a compressive seal with the coach wall itself.

From the lavish interiors and exteriors to the rigorous quality control, and award winning customer support, with Newmar the difference is truly in the details. Browse through our selection of available Newmar motorhomes and experience the next level in on-the-road luxury!

Prevost Luxury Motorhomes

Prevost Luxury motorhomes are some of the strongest, safest, and most durable motor coaches currently on the market. The chassis and frame are constructed with unparallelled vertical, lateral, and torsional rigidity, making them stronger and safer compared to body-on-chassis constructions. The integrated chassis itself provides the best possible foundation for longer lasting interior components, meaning your premium mobile oasis will hold up better over time. That same inherent torsional rigidity also allows for precision handling and unmatched vehicle responsiveness, making your Prevost luxury motorhome one of the safest RVs on the road.

All Prevost luxury motor coaches come equipped with all-around scenic windows built into our state-of-the-art slideouts. This allows more sunlight to reach the interior of your luxury motorhome, creating splendid vistas and spectacular views, wherever you decide to make your stop. In fact, Prevost slideouts contain the largest window area of any motorhome slideout currently on the market. This gives Prevost luxury motorhomes an “open” and inviting feel, creating the perfect space for entertaining guests on the road or just relaxing at the end of a day of travel.

Every Prevost luxury motorhome comes equipped with the Volvo D13 engine, providing excellent torque at low RPMs for superior responsiveness and minimal noise or vibration. Meaning your ride is quieter, more enjoyable, you can luxuriate in the journey as much as the destination. The engine provides sustained peak power over a wide ride of RPM values and delivers reduced diesel emissions, improving the air quality beyond EPA regulations, meaning you leave less of a footprint. Prevost luxury motorhomes also come equipped with the Volvo I-VEB engine brake, the strongest in its class at cruising RPMs, delivering exceptional deceleration when you need it.

From the quiet ride, safe and durable construction, to the open layout, large windows, and powerful Volvo D13 engine, Prevost luxury motorhomes turn every on-the-road vacation into a stylish and comfortable travel experience. Visit The Motorcoach Store and browse through our selection of Prevost motorhomes, then let our professionally trained service and maintenance department keep your motor coach running like a dream for years to come!

Entegra Luxury Motorhomes

Entegra Coach luxury motorhomes are some of the quietest riding, best handling coaches available on the market. Every Entegra motor coach is loaded with industry-defining technology, most never even seen on a luxury motorhome before. In 2017 alone, Entegra has added the En-telligent™ VegaTouch command center, with touchscreen controls and HDMI inputs. Cameras now monitor your blind spots, the Collision Mitigation System on OnGuard™ alerts the driver to dangerous situations and will even brake automatically when deemed necessary. And the electronic stability control will automatically slow your luxury motorhome on extreme grades.

Entegra luxury coaches remain committed to excellence, without compromise. Every motorhome is built with an industry premier foundation and superior roof and ceiling construction and steel-substructure floor with fiberglass batting. You won’t hear the roar of the engine or tires on the pavement, with Entegra’s cab forward design they’ve crafted one of the quietest motor coaches on the road today. Beyond the construction, each luxury motorhome represents the ultimate in custom design, inside and out. Each coach has new, exclusive front and rear caps, with trademarked C-lights and backlit Entegra Coach crest. The exterior has been detailed with bold, modern lines, crafting a commanding presence while you drive and delivering exquisite attention to detail.

They feel so strongly about the quality of their coaches that Entegra provides a 2-year limited warranty on every luxury motorhome they build. The coverage offered by Entegra is so comprehensive, other manufacturers simply cannot compete. When you purchase an Entegra Coach luxury motorhome, they’re with you for the long haul. Their warranty covers your machine for two years, or the first 24,000 miles, which occurs first, though it covers the structural integrity of your motor coach for five years. This delivers unprecedented levels of peace of mind as you hit the open road.

With multiple industry-first features, cab forward design delivering the quietest ride available, head-turning design and superior comfort, Entegra Coach luxury motorhomes delivers a high-end, world-class travel experience for those who choose to purchase these coaches. The Motorcoach Store, in Bradenton, Florida, serving Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland, is proud to be your home for the unmatched quality offered by Entegra luxury motorhomes. And when it’s time to service your motorhome, our service and maintenance department stands ready to assist you and your RV, we’ll make sure that every traveling vacation is a five-star experience!

Learn more about all of our offerings in our Motorhome Showroom.

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