Customizing Your Luxury Motorcoach Interior

If you're a full-time RV'er travelling the highways and byways in perfect comfort then you know how quickly your surroundings can become stale. Having the freedom to change your locale is liberating, but what about the interior of your luxury motor coach? What do you do when your sofa, appliances, flooring, or even wall treatments feel played out? The Motorcoach Store, in Bradenton, Florida, wants your luxury motor coach to be a reflection of your personality, inside and out. If it's time to change things up, more so than moving on to the next location, then read below for a few recommendations on remodeling the interior of your motor coach.

Transitional Style

If you're an experienced RV'er, or even if you're just doing some initial research, you may have noticed that motorcoach interiors tend to reflect larger national trends when it comes to interior decorating. For those looking to spruce things up, we recommend going for a transitional style. The transitional style is the ideal balance of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishings, materials and fabrics that add up to a classic, almost timeless aesthetic.

Color Pallette

This means avoiding materials and appliances that are overly large or too bright. Restrict your palette to earth tones, browns, warm golds and yellows, even black to create a color scheme that won't go out of style. Accent this with carefully chosen reds or blues for a splash of color that will give your interior a fresh feel or brighten up dark corners. Take a look at the shapes your materials create too, keep things simple with either straight lines or rounded profiles. Avoid graphic patterns or anything that feels overly busy.

By keeping colors simple you free yourself up to play with padding, textures, and fabrics. Remember, this is your space, your haven, so when in doubt go with what makes you feel the most comfortable without feeling overwhelmed.

Materials and Fabrics

Once you've committed to a remodel, it's good to consider how you use your coach. Do you travel with children or animals? How much entertaining do you do? How much travelling? Those who make the most use of their luxury motor coach will want to choose durable fabrics and accessories. Things like treated leathers, thicker, heavier fabrics, or even some lighter fabrics that are made from durable fibers. Things like silk, chenilles, even velvets, that look and feel amazing but can hold up to repeated use and high traffic. For those who only sparingly use their motor coach we definitely recommend elegant silks and accenting with clean white lights or streamlined accessories.

Accents and Accessories

You may be surprised how little you need to do to get your motor coach interior feeling fresh and new. An inexpensive way to achieve a fresh new look is by adding a few well-placed accents. This is where maintaining a consistent vision comes into play, if you've been using warm earth tones, adding a dash or blue or even green may bring a whole new look and feel. This can be achieved with accessories like an accent rug, recovering your throw pillows, even lighting features.

Sometimes updating your accessories is the only change you may need. New pillows, updated kitchen appliances, a change in lighting, even different artwork, rugs, new curtains, or changing out the lampshades can completely transform the interior of your luxury motor coach without the cost of new flooring or changing the wall color. Working in neutral tones means any new color will pop and feel dramatic, making the interior feel brand new.

When you're ready for a change, or know how you'd like to update the interior of your luxury motor coach, visit your friends at The Motorcoach Store. Our amazing team is ready to help you towards your next step in upgrading your motor coach interior. After all, if you're spending your time in an RV it's important you feel comfortable, safe, and above all, at home in your own space. Visit our dealership serving Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland, Florida, and let us help you dial in the look and feel of your motor coach interior.

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