Live In Your Luxury Motorcoach Full Time

What is an RV owner? Somebody who says “no” — “No” to the conventional lifestyle of staying in the same place on the same land, and “no” to all the expenses you face when living in a house or apartment. When you say “yes” to living in your luxury motorhome, you open yourself up to a whole new world. Your life is a constant vacation, and you get to reap amazing benefits that you can’t experience any other lifestyle. We want to talk about some of those benefits here, and once you’re ready to start living on the road, come on into The Motorcoach Store in Bradenton, Florida.


Millions of people choose to live in a motorcoach, so there’s got to be something great about this lifestyle, right? Well for starters, you’ll live in a place that can quickly move from one location to another, all for the price of a tank of gas. Don’t like the culture you live in? Took a job in a different part of the country? No problem! All you have to do is turn the ignition and you’re on your way to your next residence. Another great benefit is the ability to travel whenever you want to. Many people who subscribe to the full time motorhome lifestyle live life as one big vacation. That’s because of how easily you can leave for vacation on an impulse. You don’t even have to pack! And on your vacations, you’ll save a lot of money, because you won’t ever have to check into hotel rooms or eat out. Finally, because RVs are so much more affordable than homes, the flexibility of this lifestyle is another great benefit. If you try living in a luxury motorcoach for a while and decide you don’t like it (although we’re pretty sure you’ll love it), you can easily sell your motorhome and go back to your previous lifestyle.

The Cost of the Road

If you budget properly, living in a luxury motorhome can be much cheaper than living in a house. For one thing, you don’t have to pay property taxes. Campgrounds have their own fees, and you might have the payment on your motor coach, but even those two things combined can cost significantly less than paying rent or a mortgage with taxes. Your utilities bill will also be cheaper, since an RV is smaller than a house. Overall you’ll save a lot of money living in a home-on-wheels, and don’t forget that a luxury motorcoach can be as nice or even nicer than most houses!

Your Time Is Your Own

One of the greatest advantages of a motorhome is it’s smaller size. RVs use space very effectively to give you comfortable living on compact layouts, and that reduced floor plan actually means less maintenance. You don’t have to cover as much area when you clean, don’t have a lawn to mow, and don’t have to worry about many other typical household chores. This gives you much more free time to pursue your interests and hobbies. You can spend your time with outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, or you can stay inside and do something artistic! Whatever you choose to do with your free time, you’ll have more of it when you live in a luxury motorcoach, and more is always better!

You can see why so many millions of motorhome owners have said “yes” to the full time RV lifestyle. With all the time and money you save, the ability to live anywhere you want, and the comparable luxury you find in our motor coaches, there are obvious advantages to living on wheels full time. If you ever have questions, at the Motorcoach Store, we’ve helped plenty of RV enthusiasts find their new home-on-wheels, so don’t hesitate to ask us more about living in your recreational vehicle. You can also check out our luxury motorhomes and motorcoaches at our dealership near Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland, Florida.

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