Tailgating in Your Luxury Motorhome

A luxury motorhome is meant for more than just summer RVing or waiting out the cold in warmer climes. It’s meant to be used year-round, spring camping, summer cookouts, cozying up next to a fire during the cold months, and one of the best uses for your luxury RV happens during the fall. Tailgating. When the leaves turn football comes back into our lives, and there’s no better way to spend a game than grilling your favorite foods surrounded by the comforts of home. Even if you’re not a sports fan, spending a few hours outside the stadium with friends, family, and food, makes for an enjoyable day. If you don’t already own a luxury motorcoach, be sure to follow the link and check out our available inventory. The Motorcoach Store in Bradenton is proud to be Florida’s premier luxury RV dealer!

Food First

Food can make or break an event, and tailgating is no different. Are you having a big group over? Make it a potluck. Exchange dishes, sides, and spreads the cost around. Grilling steaks or burgers? Prepare burger patties in advance or apply your dry rub or marinade to steaks the day before you cook. And remember to plan your menu accordingly. Tastes are as wide and varied as the people you’ve invited, so make sure there’s something for everyone. And don’t be afraid to mix it up. Grill some corn, try new recipes, nothing is better than a freshly grilled Sonora dog (yeah, that’s a hot dog wrapped in bacon) on a cold Autumn afternoon leading up to the big game. And if you plan it right, your luxury motorhome will have both indoor and outdoor kitchen facilities, meaning you and your guests can enjoy the interior or exterior of your RV. As you choose.

Plan Ahead

Like any event, tailgating in your luxury RV means planning ahead. Make sure you get to the stadium early enough to nab a decent location. Turn on your fridge before the game to keep your food fresh and cold. But also make sure you know the limits of your generator, don’t overtax it by asking too much too quickly. You’ll want to make sure you’re fully set up at least three hours before the game and wrapping everything up about 45 minutes before. Unless, if you’re already inside a luxury motorcoach, you may not even want to go inside the stadium at all. And let’s not forget the litany of things that are easy to overlook, bottle openers and cork screws, paper towels, extra ice, antacids, a first aid kit, aluminum foil and tupperware for leftovers. The list goes on and on. But if you’ve planned ahead and made a list, your next tailgate is going to be a huge success!

Don't Forget the Drinks

Make sure you keep your guests hydrated. Know the guidelines of the venue, who does or does not allow alcohol, but make sure you’ve got plenty of ice and plenty of water. And take advantage of coolers for your ice and drinks, there’s no sense putting too much strain on your generator or refrigerator when a well-stocked cooler will suffice. If you and your guests do choose to imbibe, please remember to drink responsibly and balance it out with plenty of water. Especially if you’re going to be driving after the game. Make sure you leave plenty of time to dry out before hitting the road.

Stay Safe

Remember, if you’re outside grilling and watching a football game in your luxury motorhome, you’ve got to stay safe. Okay, so watching the game while eating and drinking isn’t exactly sky-diving, when it comes to safety, but a little inattention can lead to some disastrous consequences. How close is the grill to any grassy areas? Do you have a first aid kit and emergency fire extinguisher? Does your awning offer enough shade from the sun? Did you remember sunscreen? Keep a close eye on the grill, especially if you’ve got any young ones running around, check over your first aid kit and fire extinguisher the day before the event, and check out the weather ahead of time. Preparing in advance and a healthy dose of caution will make for a memorable tailgating party and a fun time for everyone.

Tailgating in your luxury RV requires a lot of preparation, but when done right it can be the perfect afternoon before cheering on your team. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on how to plan the perfect tailgate party, or if you’re in the market for a luxury motorcoach, visit The Motorcoach Store, near Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland, Florida, and let our amazing staff show you through our available selection.

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