Luxury RVing in the Wet Season

If you spend any time in the North (and why would you, when everything you need for a fantastic RV staycation is right here in Florida) or have spent some time here, you already know what the wet season is. Summer rain bleeds right into fall showers, and before you know it, the spring deluge is on us again. While the wet season does add some complications to the RV lifestyle, you’ll see a whole different side of the world around you when it rains. The Motorcoach Store is no stranger when it comes to RVing in the wet season, and we’ve put together a guide of tips and recommendations to keep in mind if you’re staying in your RV during a rainy time of the year.


It sounds silly to say it, but preparation is key. If you’ve invested in a luxury motorhome, preparation is vital. Moisture, in all its forms, adds difficulties to the RV lifestyle. There’s the adjustment to driving conditions, increased risk of condensation, or water penetration. So, making sure your luxury RV is completely waterproof is your first task. Check the condition of your seals and your sealants, and we definitely recommend you visit our RV service center for help with this. Waterproofing your rig from top to bottom is a demanding chore, and you don’t want to risk your on-board systems or the health of your RV without the help of a team of experts trained to cover every crack and every seal. seal.

And once your luxury coach is covered, it’d be a good idea to bring a few of the following to keep your passengers dry too:

  • Tarps and towels
  • Water resistant gear (backpacks, boots, socks, etc.)
  • Spare bedding
  • Spare clothes
  • Rug
  • Drying racks


Sometimes the best advice is the simplest. If there’s water on the ground, you must slow down. Forgive the rhyme, but it’s true. When it has been raining, or there’s water covering the road, you must drive slower. Slower speeds reduce the risk of aquaplaning and grants the drive better control. And definitely make sure your lights are on and set to low beam. A few other considerations, try to avoid any kind of sudden braking. Since you’re driving slower, this shouldn’t be an issue but hitting the brakes on wet surfaces can cause loss of control. And while puddles may call your name and cause fits of nostalgia, its best to avoid driving through them. You just don’t know how deep that divot might run. Remember, driving while its wet means driving cautiously. We want you and your luxury motorhome to make it safely through the wet season.

Road Conditions

First off, check the road conditions ahead. If you know already that you’ll be traveling during the wet season, spend a little time on the computer and see what’s happening to the roads you’ll be using. Especially if you’re venturing into uncharted territory. Know ahead of time if the region is subject to flash floods or significant rainfall. Which leads us to our second point, please don’t let the size of your motorhome fool you. Just because you’re behind the wheel of Class A motorhome doesn’t mean you’re safe to drive through flooded areas. You might be sitting above the floodline, but your engine most certainly isn’t. If you’re caught off guard by unexpectedly flooded streets or creek beds, head for higher ground.

Make the Best of It

Let’s not forget why we’re RVing in the rainy season. Vegetation and wildlife are different, greenscapes stand out more, and it's an opportunity to hunker down with friends and family and spend a little time together. Bring a few board games, watch movies together, take a rainy hike, there are countless ways to make the most of the wet season while camping in your RV. And for everything else, there’s your friends and family at The Motorcoach Store. Bring in your motorhome and let us help you get ready for the rainy season. We’re proud to be the premier luxury motorcoach dealer and service center serving the areas of Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland, Florida, so stop by and say hello.

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