RV Electrical Service

An RV’s electrical systems are critical to a comfortable and safe trip. When your recreational vehicle’s electrical systems start acting up you can’t afford to waste a second, you need to call up The Motorcoach Store, and let us take care of your problem in a flash. Whether you’re having trouble with a generator, an inverter, a battery, or just the tail light, we are a happy to help you keep your RV’s electrical components running smoothly. RV electrical service is one of the many RV repair services we offer to the communities of Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland, Florida.

RV Generator Repair

Your RV’s generator is an important part of your freedom when you’re travelling. Without a generator you would be stuck finding sites that require you to plug in every night, or be forced to sacrifice the comfort of your electronic devices. Don’t let a malfunctioning generator tie you down, let the service technicians at The Motorcoach Store get you fixed up in a hurry so you can enjoy the freedom that an RV should provide.

RV Inverter Service

An inverter is critical to ensuring that your devices will run on the power source you have available. If your inverter goes out or malfunctions you could be stuck in the dark. If you encounter trouble with this important piece of electrical equipment you need to give us a call right away and let our mobile service vans come out and get your inverter repaired or replaced.

RV Battery Testing and Replacement

Like any vehicle, a bad battery on an RV can cause you quite a bit of grief. Without specialized equipment you may not be able to diagnose the problem. Let our highly skilled mechanics come to you and get your battery tested. If you do have a bad battery, we can replace it right on the spot, saving you the frustration of a tow, or the hassle of wrangling the battery in yourself.

RV Light Replacement

Having all the lights on your RV functioning is important to your safety and comfort. We can skillfully repair and replace LED and bulb lights with no trouble. Whether you’ve got a brake light out, a faulty turn signal, or just a malfunction in your patio lighting, we will carefully resolve the issue for you in no time.

RV Audio/Video Repair

Having a TV and a sound system is one of the creature comforts that makes RV travel so appealing. We are fully equipped and trained to help you fix and install any of your equipment, including satellite and cable hookups. Don’t spend a moment dealing with static, call us today!

The Motorcoach Store gladly accepts Good Sam, Cornerstone, and Coachnet Extended Warranties, so don’t hesitate to give us as soon as your RVs electrical systems start giving you trouble. Our mobile RV service is here to make your RV experience as convenient as possible, so call The Motorcoach Store and schedule your service appointment today! Ask about our Mobile RV Service offerings and contact us for all of your rv repair needs in Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland, Florida.

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