Snowbirding 101: Wintering in Your Luxury Motorhome

It’s never to late (or too early) to think about where you’re wintering. Especially if you’re not really one for winter activities. Some enjoy the cold, the wet, the snow, others choose to chase the sun and enjoy their winters as much as their summers. But before you point your luxury RV South, East, or West for the season, let’s take stock and make sure you know what you’re in for. And if you’re already in Florida, visit the Motorcoach Store in person and let our incredible staff introduce you to the ins and outs of snowbirding.

How to Prepare

Migrating for the season to escape harsher climbs doesn’t necessarily mean shorts and sandals all winter long. In fact the further North you and motorcoach start, the more chances there are for inclement weather along the way. And let’s not forget, this is ultimately a round trip. Any snow or fog you encounter on your trek down you may well run into again when you return in the spring.

Have you been through a winter in your motorhome? Is it rated for freezing temperatures? Those who don’t travel for warmer weather usually winterize their RV for the season and prepare for active travel come the spring. Generally this involves flushing your water system with antifreeze, insulating your cables, taking measures against mold and mildew. If you’re not sure what your temperatures your motorcoach is rated for, take advantage of the incredible service department at the Motorcoach Store. We’ll help you see what preparations you should make before setting out for the sun.

RV Campgrounds

To make your stay at an RV Resort or campground more enjoyable, you’ve got to know what type of person you are. A hermit or a social butterfly? This may also come in handy when you’re choosing your destination, the further South and East you travel the more dense the snowbird population. And you’ll need to plan a few months in advance. If you head west, there are more open spaces, fewer people, and more opportunity to roam.

Be prepared to move. Every couple of weeks or so. Availability at RV campgrounds is scarce in the winter, especially in the Southeast, so be prepared for company and to have shift between campgrounds if you’re staying the whole winter. A hot tip? Check for last minute cancellations. You’ll find some amazing spots open up when you least expect them. Especially at State Parks.

Don’t be afraid to book a campground inland. We get it, everyone wants to stay at the coast. But if you stay even up to an hour inland you’re still within driving distance of the coastline. You can have a great time at the beach and relax in relative seclusion at your RV campground. Florida is one of the most popular snowbird destinations, and not just for US-based campers, which can have an impact on pricing. Specifically for destinations right on the coast. So, stay flexible and consider all of your options.

Trade Offs

Every person has their limits. What they’re willing to endure for the warm winter they dream of. And Florida is no different. In exchange for the amazing comfort of the Southeast, you’ll very likely encounter:

  • Little to no privacy
  • A lot of dog breed restrictions
  • Far fewer dog-friendly areas
  • Smaller campsites
  • Difficult RV parking
  • People. A LOT of people
  • Higher prices

We haven’t really discussed budget a whole lot, but it’s a serious consideration. If you’re not going to be working or generating income while you wait out the snow, you’ll need to budget ahead. Florida can get pricey. It’s worth it, but you’ll need to plan ahead.

If you’re headed to the Southwest (and why would you when Florida is so comfortable), sure you’ll have to space to stretch out and you’ll get some privacy back, but you’re likely to run into a few of the below:

  • Dump station or water filling station fees
  • LOTS of driving (seriously, it’s spread out the further West you go)
  • Limited amenities
  • Cold nighttime temperatures
  • Limited cell and internet availability

You’ll need to be a little more self-reliant, with a sense of adventure. If you’re up for more off-the-grid living, you’ll be just fine.

We get this takes the bloom of the rose just a little. You can’t just hop into your luxury motorhome and head South. There will need to be some planning, some budgeting, and a little research. The Motorcoach store is proud to be a resource, not just for finding the perfect luxury RV, but helping our customers find their dream destination. Give us a call or visit in person, our dealership is located in Bradenton but we proudly serve those in Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland. We’ll help you weather the winter in comfort and style.

Learn more about all of our offerings in our Motorhome Showroom.

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