Updating Your Luxury Motor Coach Furniture

Your luxury motorcoach is on ordinary vehicle, it’s your home away from home, a private oasis where you can bask in the comforts of modern amenities but surrounded by Mother Nature. And just like any house, you need furniture to make it a home. Beds, tables, chairs, couches, end tables, most luxury motorhomes come equipped with these but what happens after four or five years? When the furniture begins to look tired, or your fabrics become sun-damaged and faded? The Motorcoach Store, in Bradenton, Florida, has got your covered. With our industry connections and amazing service department, we’ve got everything you need to update the furniture in your luxury motor coach, read through our recommendations below then come see visit us in person!

General Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind, generally, when you’re updating your motorhome furniture:

  • Any RV furniture should be lightweight
  • All furniture should be functional
  • All furniture should be bolted and secured
  • Don’t install household furniture

There’s no sense weighing down your luxury motorhome with heavy furniture, and making sure each piece you install is lightweight and functional will go a long way towards keeping your GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) within acceptable limits. And securing your furniture means you don’t need to worry about items shifting or sliding around while you’re driving.
You’re Not Stuck with Your Furniture
A common misconception is that you’re stuck with the furniture your luxury motor coach came with. By keeping your RV furniture lightweight and functional, essentially anything that’s bolted down can be unbolted, removed, and replaced. If you’re not completely pleased with the decor aesthetic, or it’s just simply time to update the fabrics, sofas, and beds, you’ve got options. You can have a local upholstery shop update the cushion and replace threadbare fabric with newer material. Maybe it’s time to consider designer fabrics or leather? We’ve also got catalogs on hand for you to browse through and pick something that fits your design scheme exactly.

Have a Plan

While you’re not stuck with anything you buy, remember, if someone has to take out the old furniture, you’re going to need someone to install your new pieces. Installation isn’t incredibly difficult, but it’s always best to have it done by a professional. Make sure you consult with our service department to see about having new pieces secured. Also, consider how each piece will compliment your design scheme, does one piece interfere with the functionality of another, are you cramped for space, make sure you’ve thought through your purchases before buying and installing. It’s also not a bad idea to consider convertible furniture, a bed that can fold into a sofa, benches that contain storage, or even a shelf that can fold against the wall or bear enough weight to be an additional sleeping surface. Make sure any new piece you install in your luxury motorcoach is not only functional but conserves space. And remember, everywhere in your RV offers opportunities to conserve space, not just the living and bedroom areas, but the kitchen, dinette, facilities.

Do Not Install Household Furniture

It seems like a natural extension of decorating, the end tables, sofas, lamps, and other furniture and appliances that no longer have space in your home would be perfect for your luxury RV. That might not be the best solution, though. RV manufacturers design and build the furniture that is installed to ensure it’s lightweight, bears the maximum amount of weight, and can be safely secured to prevent shifting during transit. Even designer RV furniture has been carefully crafted to provide optimum comfort and functionality. Your household furniture will take up more space and won’t have the additional storage, or the practical safety, of RV furniture. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a mint to decorate or update the furniture in your luxury motor coach. There are any RV furniture outlets or package deals where surplus inventory will be sold for a lesser cost. You can also consider buying used furniture and having it installed. Just remember to get precise measurements and consider how any new pieces will fit into your overall plan.

Above everything else, remember, you get out of your RV what you put into it. If you’re not a full-time RV’er, make sure your furniture is comfortable and functional, but don’t break the bank trying to decorate the interior. If your luxury motorhome is your permanent home, then you may want to invest in higher quality furniture, amenities, and other luxuries to make sure you’re comfortable no matter where you’re parked. For help with new furniture, come see us at the Motorcoach Store, serving Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland, Florida, and let our service department turn your luxury motorcoach into a home!

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