Winterize Your Luxury Motorhome

As winter sets in and temperatures drop, it's important to make sure your motorhome is well insulated and that steps have been taken to prevent any issues from developing through the coldest months of the year. The Motorcoach Store, in Bradenton, Florida, wants you to enjoy the comforts of your motor coach year round, and taking a few preventative measures before the chill sets in will go a long way towards keeping your luxury motorhome in tip top shape through to the spring.

The one system most susceptible to the cold is your motorhome's water system. We would recommend taking your in for a visit to our service department, we'll help you winterize your motorhome by draining and drying your water system. The steps to follow are fairly basic, however, and if you're feeling bold you can do this task yourself. Just make sure to follow any specifics outlined in your motorhome owner's manual, paying attention to any particulars for your model and specifications.

If you're going to remove all of the water from your motorhome then you need to be extremely thorough and remove every last drop. Even the smallest amount of water can freeze and damage your system. To do this, turn off the water pump and open every low-point drain. If you're not sure how, consult your owner's manual or bring it into our service department.

Next, drain your water heater by opening the pressure relief valve, otherwise you might catch a faceful of water. Then remove the drain plug. Be aware, many of these have an anode rod, which helps keep down corrosion in your water tank. It helps pull calcium and other harmful harmful substances from the water in your tank.

Then, turn on the water pump and open all faucets, toilets, turn on the shower, etc. Start with the valve that's furthest away from your water source and work back towards where you started. Once this has been completed, you're still not done. Replace the water heater plug and turn the water pump back off . Close all the drains and faucets and use an air compressor to apply air throughout your water system. Make sure the PSI is kept at 30 or below, higher air pressure will damage your system as surely as frozen water.

Once you've fed some air into your system, have a second person turn on all the faucets, flush the toilets, turn the shower back on, etc., starting again with the furthest away and working back towards the start. This partially pressurized air will force any remaining water out of the system, making sure there's no water left to freeze as winter sets in.

If this sounds like too much of a headache, you can also use motorhome antifreeze. This is a special solution, non-toxic, that can be used in your motorhome's water system. And if you don't have access to an air compressor, and not everyone does, this will be your only option for winterizing your water system on your own.

One way to get the antifreeze into your system is to use an intake draw tube, these can be installed between the tank and the water pump. This option is standard in many new motorhomes, but if you have an older motor coach you can have one installed. You'll add several gallons of motorhome antifreeze to your water system, just insert the intake draw tube into your antifreeze (at least 3 gallons) and turn on the water pump. Start with the faucets and valves furthest away and turn on the cold water to run the solution through your system. Again, if this sounds like too much of a hassle, bring your motorhome into our service department and let us take care of these preparations for you.

Remember, cleaning out your entire water system will prevent costly repairs from developing through the winter, but can be time consuming and difficult to do on your own. Follow our steps outline above if you're determined, but The Motorcoach Store has a friendly and professional service department that would love to make sure your motorhome is prepared to meet the winter head on. Visit us today in Bradenton, Florida, serving Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Lakeland!

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