3 Factors That Influence Your Choice of Motor Home

3 Factors That Influence Your Choice of Motor Home

A motor home represents a major investment, especially if you plan to move into one as your new full-time residence. You may find that you face numerous daunting decisions, any of which can leave you puzzled as to what kind of motor home you should consider.

You can get past the confusion by thinking less about motor home classes or specific models, and more in terms of what you will need your particular motor home to do for you. Let the following three factors guide your path toward that ideal vehicle.

1. What Kinds of Pets Do You Have?

When you think about your motor home's occupants, don't forget to include your pets. Different kinds of animals will require different environments to remain happy and safe. For instance, small animals can stay in crates while you drive, but you must make special provisions to anchor those crates firmly in place.

Dogs and cats both appreciate room to roam, not only during outdoor breaks but also within the motor home itself. The more four-legged pets you have, the bigger an RV you will need, especially if you have one or more large-breed dogs. Choose easily-cleaned tile flooring over carpeting.

2. Where Will You Spend Your Downtime?

The final selection of a particular motor home model may hinge on where you plan to park that motor home, and for how long. For example, if you will live full-time in off-grid areas such as BLM land, choose a model with large water tanks, solar panels, and sufficient battery capacity to operate at least some electrical items.

RV parks will almost always welcome a well-maintained, recent-model motor home, but some of them discriminate against vehicles more than 10 years old. If you want the widest possible range of overnight or extended-stay options, think twice before purchasing a dilapidated older vehicle in an effort to save money.

The low clearance commonly found on many Class A motor homes shouldn't cause you any suspension problems if you stay on a flat, paved lot. However, if you plan to take your RV over rougher terrain or stay at primitive campsites, go for the tallest clearance you can find in a model that still meets your other needs.

Undeveloped terrain can narrow your motor home choices in other ways as well. Dirt roads can easily turn to mud, allowing exceptionally heavy motor homes to get stuck, while dense woodlands may not offer enough room for a Class A coach to navigate them with ease.

3. Which Amenities Do You Consider Essential?

Motor homes offer a wide range of features, capabilities, and amenities. Before you start shopping for your dream vehicle, ask yourself which amenities you and your loved ones cannot do without.

The number of occupants may dictate some of these requirements. For instance, you may need two bathrooms or beds instead of one, or a specific number of permanent chairs or couches in the living area. You should consider how much total basement storage your group will likely need.

If you plan to live in your RV, you'll want all the comforts of home. Create a list of the appliances that you feel belong in your residence, from practical devices like a dishwasher or microwave to entertainment features such as a large flat-screen TV.

Some entrepreneurs opt to work in their mobile homes. If you want to conduct business from your RV, make sure that the model you select comes with a comfortable desk and office area. Don't forget to ask about the motor home's built-in Wi-Fi or satellite communications capabilities.

Even your state of health can affect your choice of features. In addition to obvious specialized needs such as wheelchair ramps or other assistive devices, you may decide that your bad back would prefer a permanent bed to a folding sofa bed that requires daily sheeting and un-sheeting.

Whatever kind of motor home best suits your needs and objectives, you'll find it at The Motorcoach Store. Contact us to learn more.

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