3 Tips for a Successful Motorhome Test Drive

3 Tips for a Successful Motorhome Test Drive

The test drive is an essential part of the buying process when you are investing in a used luxury motorhome.

Many buyers assume that the test drive is designed only to see if an RV is mechanically sound. A mechanical evaluation is an important part of the test drive process, but your pre-purchase time behind the wheel of a luxury RV can also offer valuable insight into the potential benefits and drawbacks of that particular motorhome.

The information you gather during a test drive ensures that you will invest in the luxury motorhome that is best suited to meet your long-term travel needs.

1. Travel on a Freeway

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when taking a used RV for a test drive is sticking to city streets. A large portion of long-distance trips will be spent traveling down freeways or highways at top speeds. This means that it is important to know how an RV will handle when you increase your driving speed before you commit to a purchase.

You will be able to verify that the motorhome is in good mechanical condition and drives smoothly as your speed increases. Freeway travel will also give you the ability to test certain amenities, like the cruise control or GPS display in the motorhome.

Driving on the freeway will also allow you to get a feel for the vehicle's blind spots and reaction time so that you can operate safely at high speeds after you purchase your luxury motorhome and begin traveling down the road.

2. Let the Dealer Drive

It's important that you spend time behind the wheel when you are test driving a luxury motorhome, but it's also important that you take the passenger seat and let the dealer drive for a portion of the trip.

You will notice things as a passenger that might be overlooked when you are focused on paying attention to traffic patterns and your driving technique while in the driver's seat. Most people don't hit the road alone after purchasing a luxury motorhome, and you want to be sure that your passengers will enjoy the ride as much as you do.

Evaluate the comfort of the passenger seat and any additional seats equipped with seat belts to accommodate passengers during transit. Check for access to cup holders, adequate AC and heat production in passenger areas, and access to outlets that can charge tech devices while passengers are riding in your luxury motorhome.

These seemingly small amenities can make a big difference when it comes to the comfort and accessibility of the luxury motorhome you purchase, and you are more likely to take note of them when riding as a passenger during the test drive.

3. Complete Advanced Maneuvers

Instead of just driving down straight roads when test driving a used luxury motorhome, attempt to complete some advanced maneuvers so that you can see how the rig handles in all situations.

Ask the dealer to direct you to an open parking lot where you can engage in turns to evaluate the turning radius and weight distribution of the RV. You will also want ample room to back the motorhome into a parking spot so that you can get a feel for how easy the RV is to handle in an environment that requires precision driving.

Luxury motorhomes tend to be long and wide in order to provide as much interior living space as possible. Be sure that you feel comfortable completing advanced maneuvers in any RV you purchase by taking the time to perform as many maneuvers as possible during the test drive.

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