Four Benefits of Owning a Motor Home During a Pandemic

Four Benefits of Owning a Motor Home During a Pandemic

As the country slowly comes out of the national lockdown brought on by the novel coronavirus, interest in RV ownership is on the rise. And that's no surprise. Here are four reasons a motor home may well be you and your family's secret weapon for getting through the pandemic.

1. You Won't Have to Cancel Your Summer Vacation Plans

Air travel and hotel stays are increasing slowly as quarantine is lifted across the country, but that doesn't mean you are — or should be — comfortable forging ahead with your pre-pandemic holiday plans. That is especially true if you are or your family includes someone particularly vulnerable to the virus.

Traveling in an RV, however, allows you to socially distance while still taking your vacation. Unlike a standard hotel or motel room, your motor home provides:

  • A private and luxurious ride to your destination
  • A private bathroom
  • Exterior and interior doors and other surfaces that no one but you and your family touches
  • A kitchen with enough storage to allow you to limit shopping trips
  • A dining space so you can enjoy takeout food from area restaurants without having to crowd into seating areas

You'll have plenty of places to travel as well. RV campgrounds — private, federal, and state — are often among the first recreational sites to open up as quarantine is lifted because motor homes allow travelers to socially distance so easily. And, as is always the case, you can find these campgrounds in some of the nation's most stunning natural landscapes.

Finally, a motor home allows you to be flexible with your plans, an imperative during a pandemic. Without locked-in airline flights and hotel reservations, you can go wherever you feel is safest and wherever recreational activities are most available.

2. You Can Visit Distant Loved Ones

Many seniors and others with health challenges are quarantining at home until the pandemic subsides. This necessary precaution has disrupted treasured family and friend vacation traditions and kept many from providing support to loved ones.

But for those with their own motor home, that isn't the case. You can drive to see quarantined family and friends, even parking in a driveway. This is a great way to take care of the needs of an isolated, older loved one and even enjoy some socially distanced quality time together outside in the nice summer weather.

3. Your Motor Home Is as Good for Work as It Is for Play

A quiet space to concentrate is at a premium in most homes these days with so many people working or going to school remotely. An RV makes a fantastic home office, as comfortable parked in the drive as it is on the open road.

4. Your Motor Home Is as Good in Sickness as It Is in Health

As we wait for a vaccine against COVID-19, many of us face situations in which we might have to quarantine, perhaps for weeks at a time. Those who have tested positive for the disease, who have come in contact with someone else testing positive, or who are frontline workers at risk of contracting COVID-19 all might choose to isolate themselves from their households.

An RV parked nearby is an ideal place to wait out a quarantine. You'll be close to your family, should you need any assistance, but still at a safe distance. And a fully equipped motorhome will be as comfortable as any hotel room or short-term rental.

A motor home will allow you to traverse these difficult times more smoothly, and when they are over, it will still be there to provide years of family travel and fun.

Contact us at The Motorcoach Store to talk about getting your motor home in shape for summer travel or purchasing a new motor home.

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