RV Interior Maintenance Options to Prepare for Summer Travel

RV Interior Maintenance Options to Prepare for Summer Travel

Even if your RV's engine runs in tip-top shape, you have other preparation options to consider for the summer travel season. The interior of the RV is just as important as under the hood. When you use the RV as a living space, you want to ensure everything runs smoothly so you do not run into any problems on the road.

Learn about RV maintenance services and upgrades to help your vehicle through the long summer months.


Showers, washing machines, and dishes are all an important part of daily RV use. Through plumbing maintenance, mechanics will check the waterlines, pipes, and water tank in the RV. You want to ensure you have clean water and no problems occurred while the RV was in storage.

Water pressure checks will help with showers and dishes. Maximum water pressure will help with all of the RV functions and reduce the amount of water and electricity you use. The plumbing inspection also includes the holding tank for old water. Mechanics will remove any buildup or problems so you have the maximum amount of space available for wastewater.

Leak checks will include pipe inspections around the whole RV. The presence of the leak could lead to mold, deterioration of RV elements, and a major waste of water. Fixing leaks will help with all your summer travel and lead to fewer problems down the line.


When you travel to locations without an electrical connection, the generator is an essential for power. A generator maintenance check will not only ensure the generator works properly but will help you get the most out of your generator.

Inspections will check if the generator outputs maximum power and look over all of the power connections. During winter storage, rodents and other pests may seek out an RV for warmth. The rodents could easily chew through wires and other generator components.

Mechanics will replace wires and check to ensure the generator supplies power to the whole RV when needed. If you plan on longer trips, you may consider generator upgrades with more power and capacity.

Appliance Replacement and Repairs

Appliances are not only smaller on RVs, but repairs present different challenges than a traditional appliance. Your RV appliances could have enclosures or specialty parts hard to find on your own. With an RV specialist, you will have the option to replace your appliances and upgrade to new ones.

For example, you may want more space in your refrigerator. An RV mechanic will help find space and ways to fit in new appliances without taking up your walking room or living space.

Also, consider the addition of useful appliances for your RV. A small washer and dryer will provide easy ways to clean clothes on the go. Convert cabinet space for appliance installations.

Electrical Upgrades

Electrical elements of your RV will help you get through the summer. Use professional RV mechanics to upgrade lights, repair connections, and install electrical upgrades. To help save power from a generator or electrical connection, upgrade to more environmentally friendly options. LED lighting will use less power and last for years.

Consider outlet upgrades in an RV to save space. For example, you could use outlets with USB ports built into the outlets. With the USB ports, you could plug in small lights, charge phones, and run devices like laptops.

An electrical inspection will help prevent any problems on the road and point out any possible problems to consider in the future. For example, you could have old or loose wiring that needs replacement.

For more information on RV repairs and maintenance, contact us at The Motorcoach Store. Our trained experts have worked on all types of RVs and will get your vehicle ready for use throughout the whole summer.

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